Career in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is an art related to designs of clothing, fashion and lifestyle accessories. Fashion industry is a glamorous and luxury industry and one can have an exciting career in fashion designing.  This industry offers you name, fame, lucrative salaries, growth and luxury lifestyle.  If you have passion for fashion, natural talent to judge colours, fashion trends then fashion designer career is good option for you. One should be 12th passed to be eligible for fashion designing courses. There are different type of degree, diploma, masters and short term courses available in fashion designing and one can choose as per his/her interest.  Fashion design covers various categories like fashion designing, apparel designing, jewelry designing, footwear designing, textile designing and much more so you have lot of choices to select as per your interest. Fashion industry offers lot of career opportunities and one can make his/her career as fashion designer, makeup artist, fashion stylist, fashion coordinator, retail manager, fashion model etc. after fashion designing courses. So if you are interested to make career as fashion designer then Indian Institute of Fashion & Design-IIFD is best option for you to choose as a fashion college or institute which offers quality education, degree and diploma courses in fashion designing.  It has two campuses fully equipped with all modern facilities, tools and techniques needed for quality fashion education i.e. IIFD Chandigarh Campus, IIFD Mohali Campus. For more info or course inquiry visit here.

Communication Importance in Fashion Industry

Communication is important for every business or industry and same for fashion industry. Not only professional life but communication is indispensable for the smooth functioning of every aspect of life. We might agree that personal life cannot go on without communication but in the professional life we might overlook it. This can be a big mistake especially in the fashion industry. When we talk about the fashion communication is an integral part of the industry. The role of communication in the industry can understood by the following few categories.

Presentation – communication skills are essential for presenting yourself and your work. If you cannot communicate confidently then no matter how talented or skillful you are, no one will be able to see that potential or appreciate your talent. Thus, presentation of talent is as important as the talent itself. Good designs need better showcasing. Your communication will give your portfolio an extra oomph which will impress everyone who sees it and see you presenting it. Also in scoring good internships and jobs you need to market your own self and show that you are worth investing into for any company. Good communication skills can catalyze your progress to a great extent.

Networking – Communication’s most important function in fashion is networking. The entire industry revolves around networking. Associating with the right people, building contacts, or connecting with customers or clients, every one of these crucial functions require good communication skills. In the 21st century communications have risen to a whole new level. Virtual communications have entered every industry including the fashion industry. Social media marketing has become a different career altogether because the power it holds in communicating with the masses is immense. To climb the fashion ladder, it is important to use the tool of communication to network with contemporaries, potential sponsors, partners, clients, employees and public at large. Manual networking is still important. Leaping at opportunities at fashion events, exhibitions, displays need overt and direct communication. The earlier you understand this and practice it, the better it is for you.

Fashion Communication – Fashion communication has become a different discipline with a formalized curriculum and is taught in fashion schools. It includes fashion journalism which is the most direct form in which we see fashion in magazines like Vogue or Femina. It also trains you to exhibit your designs effectively. Creative writing and photography which are included in the course make it holistic and impactful. Except this, it also includes public relations. Thus, even fashion schools or institutes are realizing the role of communication in the industry. Students should make the best of this course and understand that all these skills will take them forward by a good margin if only they work on them seriously and sincerely.

Advertising – Communication skills also help professionals to advertise and promote their work. Advertising is at its core only communicating with the public to attract clients by showcasing the quality of your work. Whether that be marketing, promoting or advertising all of these need strategic communication. Many companies use contemporary concepts like United States of Benetton, Van Huesen etc use contemporary social issues like racism and women empowerment respectively to popularize their brands among people and advertise their products in a smarter way. Corporate social responsibility is also communicated to the masses to gain their attention and applause.

Even if you own an enterprise communication between different levels of hierarchy is needed for the maintenance of easy flow of business. Formal communication is highly important to ensure there are no flaws in the system due to a lack of communication. Misunderstandings and dissatisfaction among employees and damage the company and slow down its progress. Thus, it plays a role even in this arena.

IIFD Mohali Campus
IIFD Mohali Campus

IIFD Mohali Campus situated at Plot No. 603, Industrial Area, Phase 9, Sector 66, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab is fully equipped with all modern facilities, software, tools and techniques whatever required acquiring best education in the field of fashion design, interior design and textile design. It is one more step of Indian institute of Fashion and Design toward success in fashion education and develop industry specific skills in its students to succeed in their career.

Why you should choose Fashion Designing Course?

Fashion is a booming career which provides you chance to show your creativity in the form of your fashion, clothing and accessories designing work. Fashion industry is enhancing day by day and attracting the youngsters the most. It has become a global industry and provides lot of career opportunities to set career as fashion designer, retailer, merchandiser and manufacturer.

Why to choose fashion designing as career?

Fashion industry offers luxury lifestyle and glamorous reputations. Here are some points as define below to identify why to fashion design as a career:

  • Offers lot of career opportunities
  • Gives a chance to explore your talent and creativity.
  • Be your own Boss
  • Work at any place all around the world
  • Unlimited learning, earning and growth
  • Luxurious lifestyle and work atmosphere
  • Offers name and fame

Why there is need of fashion designing courses?

Now a day’s popularity of fashion designing is increasing day by day and so as the career scope in fashion industry. There is lot of demand of skilled fashion designers in the market. Hence it has become an ideal career for students who have interest in fashion. You can learn the fashion designing skills by joining fashion designing course at IIFD, one of the best fashion designing institute in Chandigarh, India. Here at Indian Institute of Fashion and Design you are provided with complete theoretical and practical knowledge whatever required to become a professional fashion designer. These courses help you to prepare yourself as per industry need, face interviews at reputed fashion designing firms for the post of fashion designer.

Future in Fashion Designing After 12th

Now a days fashion designing has become demanding career. If you are 12th passed and want to make career in fashion field you can go for degree courses in fashion designing. Degree programs for fashion designing are of three years.  In this course you can study various tools, techniques and skills required to be a fashion designers. Fashion designing includes various type of courses like textile designing, interior designing, jewellery designing, footwear designing, apparel designing, accessory designing etc. and you have option to select as per your interest. During three year degree program in fashion designing you are provided with theoretical and practical knowledge of fashion design skills. You have a chance to learn all designing skills, tools, software, work culture which are used in fashion industry.  After doing fashion designing course you can join a fashion brand as fashion designer, fashion illustrator, fashion consultant and grow your career there. After some experience in fashion industry you can start your own business as well. So it is best option for you to go for fashion designing career after 12th. If you want to do fashion design courses you can opt of Indian institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD) situated in Chandigarh.

Fashion Design Career After 12th
Fashion Career After 12th

Fashion Designing Trend in Youths

Although fashion touches millions of lives from people of different ages and varied walks of life, youth is what fashion resonates with the most. Fashion entered our lifestyles long ago and today it is an inseparable part of it. Trends may come and go but people will always look for a way to express themselves through fashion. Youth is that section of the society which shapes fashion trends and gives it their color. The youth defines current fashion and their fashion sense define them. This is the reason that major revolutions in the fashion industry have been brought by or inspired by the youth. A significant reason for this is that the Youth is exploring life and their own identities. Embracing new innovative styles is not only natural but also essential for them. Also at such ages, individuals are conscious of how they look and are looked at. Every young man or woman wants to be at their best. Wanting to look attractive or appealing is essential to their stage in life for along with finding themselves they are also seeking for their better halves. Feeling seen and appreciated catalyzes this process as well. So in short there is huge relation between fashion designing and youths.

Fashion Designing & Youths

The youth shapes fashion in major ways. The lifestyle of young people forms new trends. From comfortable shorts and flip-flops to torn jeans and t-shirts, each outfit has something to say about the lifestyle of a person. Scarfs and jhumkas are trending in summers while tweed coats in winters. Thus, fashion must also serve functionality. Youngsters need clothes which are as durable and sturdy as the adventure of their lives. A demand for fabric that is comfortable, functional and stylish is high. Everyone wants the best of both worlds. High maintenance clothing is only worn occasionally because it is too difficult to carry it. We want fabric that can explore the city all day with us.

Furthermore, fashion is lucrative as a career option also for creative young minds. With the present technology and advancement, teenagers are pursuing formal education in the field of fashion. To be associated with an industry which is happening and glamorous is very attractive to the youth. Watching young people turning tables in the industry inspires youth and they can relate to them closely. The Indian Film industry also plays a major role showcasing fashion trends and defining them too. Every young citizen is driven by the fashion of their icons. Every Celebrity has their favorite fashion designer whose dresses they flaunt on different occasions. For instance, Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding collection was designed by Sabyasachi giving rise to a sensation all over media and social media. Their wedding was the talk of the town and so was Sabyasachi. They wish to look like celebrities by imitating their styles or looks. Earlier fashion was synonymous only to women or girls but nowadays even men have started becoming fashion conscious in their subtle ways. Whether that be wearing the right sunglasses or fancy watches, men stay up to date with their fashion sense and compete well with contemporary women. According to the priorities of youth Fashion stands quite high. It is a part of the personality and can enhance confidence and self-esteem to quite an extent. A person’s social life is heavily influenced by fashion. With the increase in ways of socializing, people have found different ways to express their fashion sense according to different occasions. Social media has also taken an important role in influencing and setting standards. Connecting through photographs, captions and videos can create a wave of fashion within a matter of days. Thus, youth has, is and will always play a pivotal role in the world of fashion.

Youth can have a tremendous career in fashion designing field. But before joining fashion industry they have to prepare themselves according to this industry which can be done by joining fashion designing courses at some reputed fashion institute or college just like Indian Institute of Fashion and Design – IIFD Chandigarh.

Eligibility Criteria For Post-Graduation in Fashion Designing?

In order to go for post-graduation courses in fashion designing one must be holding graduation certification in any specialization from a certified/recognized college or university. It is not mandatory to have graduation in same field that is fashion designing in order to go for masters/post-graduation in fashion designing.

Even the students who have done graduation in non-fashion field they are also eligible to go for masters courses. Students from all fields like science, arts, commerce, medical, non-medical can go for masters after completing their graduation in any field. Even the students of engineering are also eligible to go for fashion designing after their 4 years degree.

Yet it is not a requirement to pursue graduation in fashion designing in order to choose master’s courses in fashion but if one have done graduation in fashion designing only it is helpful for the students to easily grab things and techniques fast and easily in master’s courses.

If you are interested in pursuing M.Sc., MBA, MFA or any other post graduate course in fashion designing you can get free consultation by making a call at 9041766699, 0172-4007918 or visiting here.

Difference Between Modeling and Fashion Designing

It may be a pinch of blend of these two …..but just a tiny pinch … a myth one needs to understand is to be a model for learning fashion designing … answer is no … just no ?

These two sound similar yet, so much their as a difference between the two, you will have to come up for breath, or may be not … modeling all together is immensely a different subject or passion than to fashion designing.

Fashion Modeling Vs Fashion Designing

Let’s make it amply clear –

Both as careers are full of enthusiasm and ambition .somewhere down to the line, both are the plays being down and up of your experience and skill sets but both absorb you. A great contrast to the both is carried. A curated selection of boundaries pushes both the aspects of modeling and fashion designing in all together a different box

Different physical elements –

Addressing in field of glamour, these two fields modeling and fashion designing are highly misunderstood with their purpose and identity. They are both responsible in their o0wn context in which the work exists. There are so many attempts in the fields, often failing, and succeeding too with their own kind of dedicated vision. We need to think this system of works of both in a very fundamental way. Which of the either interests you more, is, after all , prompts you to pick from  the two .

Behind the scenes –

However, no model has a face to go for without a fashion designer and likewise no fashion designer without a model can really reel his work of design, giving a strong sense of identity through the appearances and specific design elements. The functionality of both, is , all about light, camera and action …… fashion designer designing anything , ultimately places on a model for his better functionality …. Isn’t that right …..

Well-versed foundations –

Resultantly, both are masses of concrete volumes of their industry individually. Each field comes with its own quirks.

For modeling, one can join agencies who take for shoots and prepare you for getting out of all the inhibitions, the body language with a salt of attitude rightly to carry, fitness, body proportions, confidence and focus on top.


For fashion designing, one has to take over the learning under expertise at the institutions offering splendid knowledge about this art from imagination, sketching on papers and then software, technicality of fabrics to accessories, usage on practical note , hands – on experience of designing patterns . As theory and practical would go parallel.

The work behind –

Many a time’s people are misunderstood ….

Visualize the work of a model, as getting all dressed up, walking the ramp for a designer to represent his collection ……. A fashion designer has to all the way have to focus on his designs doing justice to his creations …..

Stages are walked by both –

No matter what … a model carries a story of a designer on the ramp while he/she walks the trend been designed. A model with no sense of a fashion designer is good to walk.

Artistry in their own way is complimented by model and a fashion designer with fine eye.

While designer is into getting raw into finished product – the model is carrying it.

Fashion designer creates – the model performs

Model is with attitude –fashion designer is with aptitude.

Fashion designing has to be technically aided – model just needs the confidence

Models ought to be beautiful – fashion designer creates beautiful things.

Indian Institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD) situated in Chandigarh offers best fashion designing courses, textile designing curses and interior designing courses for you. Join it to have a brilliant career in fashion industry. For course enquiry contact us.