Communication Importance in Fashion Industry

Communication is important for every business or industry and same for fashion industry. Not only professional life but communication is indispensable for the smooth functioning of every aspect of life. We might agree that personal life cannot go on without communication but in the professional life we might overlook it. This can be a big mistake especially in the fashion industry. When we talk about the fashion communication is an integral part of the industry. The role of communication in the industry can understood by the following few categories.

Presentation – communication skills are essential for presenting yourself and your work. If you cannot communicate confidently then no matter how talented or skillful you are, no one will be able to see that potential or appreciate your talent. Thus, presentation of talent is as important as the talent itself. Good designs need better showcasing. Your communication will give your portfolio an extra oomph which will impress everyone who sees it and see you presenting it. Also in scoring good internships and jobs you need to market your own self and show that you are worth investing into for any company. Good communication skills can catalyze your progress to a great extent.

Networking – Communication’s most important function in fashion is networking. The entire industry revolves around networking. Associating with the right people, building contacts, or connecting with customers or clients, every one of these crucial functions require good communication skills. In the 21st century communications have risen to a whole new level. Virtual communications have entered every industry including the fashion industry. Social media marketing has become a different career altogether because the power it holds in communicating with the masses is immense. To climb the fashion ladder, it is important to use the tool of communication to network with contemporaries, potential sponsors, partners, clients, employees and public at large. Manual networking is still important. Leaping at opportunities at fashion events, exhibitions, displays need overt and direct communication. The earlier you understand this and practice it, the better it is for you.

Fashion Communication – Fashion communication has become a different discipline with a formalized curriculum and is taught in fashion schools. It includes fashion journalism which is the most direct form in which we see fashion in magazines like Vogue or Femina. It also trains you to exhibit your designs effectively. Creative writing and photography which are included in the course make it holistic and impactful. Except this, it also includes public relations. Thus, even fashion schools or institutes are realizing the role of communication in the industry. Students should make the best of this course and understand that all these skills will take them forward by a good margin if only they work on them seriously and sincerely.

Advertising – Communication skills also help professionals to advertise and promote their work. Advertising is at its core only communicating with the public to attract clients by showcasing the quality of your work. Whether that be marketing, promoting or advertising all of these need strategic communication. Many companies use contemporary concepts like United States of Benetton, Van Huesen etc use contemporary social issues like racism and women empowerment respectively to popularize their brands among people and advertise their products in a smarter way. Corporate social responsibility is also communicated to the masses to gain their attention and applause.

Even if you own an enterprise communication between different levels of hierarchy is needed for the maintenance of easy flow of business. Formal communication is highly important to ensure there are no flaws in the system due to a lack of communication. Misunderstandings and dissatisfaction among employees and damage the company and slow down its progress. Thus, it plays a role even in this arena.

IIFD Mohali Campus
IIFD Mohali Campus

IIFD Mohali Campus situated at Plot No. 603, Industrial Area, Phase 9, Sector 66, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab is fully equipped with all modern facilities, software, tools and techniques whatever required acquiring best education in the field of fashion design, interior design and textile design. It is one more step of Indian institute of Fashion and Design toward success in fashion education and develop industry specific skills in its students to succeed in their career.

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