Fashion Designing Trend in Youths

Although fashion touches millions of lives from people of different ages and varied walks of life, youth is what fashion resonates with the most. Fashion entered our lifestyles long ago and today it is an inseparable part of it. Trends may come and go but people will always look for a way to express themselves through fashion. Youth is that section of the society which shapes fashion trends and gives it their color. The youth defines current fashion and their fashion sense define them. This is the reason that major revolutions in the fashion industry have been brought by or inspired by the youth. A significant reason for this is that the Youth is exploring life and their own identities. Embracing new innovative styles is not only natural but also essential for them. Also at such ages, individuals are conscious of how they look and are looked at. Every young man or woman wants to be at their best. Wanting to look attractive or appealing is essential to their stage in life for along with finding themselves they are also seeking for their better halves. Feeling seen and appreciated catalyzes this process as well. So in short there is huge relation between fashion designing and youths.

Fashion Designing & Youths

The youth shapes fashion in major ways. The lifestyle of young people forms new trends. From comfortable shorts and flip-flops to torn jeans and t-shirts, each outfit has something to say about the lifestyle of a person. Scarfs and jhumkas are trending in summers while tweed coats in winters. Thus, fashion must also serve functionality. Youngsters need clothes which are as durable and sturdy as the adventure of their lives. A demand for fabric that is comfortable, functional and stylish is high. Everyone wants the best of both worlds. High maintenance clothing is only worn occasionally because it is too difficult to carry it. We want fabric that can explore the city all day with us.

Furthermore, fashion is lucrative as a career option also for creative young minds. With the present technology and advancement, teenagers are pursuing formal education in the field of fashion. To be associated with an industry which is happening and glamorous is very attractive to the youth. Watching young people turning tables in the industry inspires youth and they can relate to them closely. The Indian Film industry also plays a major role showcasing fashion trends and defining them too. Every young citizen is driven by the fashion of their icons. Every Celebrity has their favorite fashion designer whose dresses they flaunt on different occasions. For instance, Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding collection was designed by Sabyasachi giving rise to a sensation all over media and social media. Their wedding was the talk of the town and so was Sabyasachi. They wish to look like celebrities by imitating their styles or looks. Earlier fashion was synonymous only to women or girls but nowadays even men have started becoming fashion conscious in their subtle ways. Whether that be wearing the right sunglasses or fancy watches, men stay up to date with their fashion sense and compete well with contemporary women. According to the priorities of youth Fashion stands quite high. It is a part of the personality and can enhance confidence and self-esteem to quite an extent. A person’s social life is heavily influenced by fashion. With the increase in ways of socializing, people have found different ways to express their fashion sense according to different occasions. Social media has also taken an important role in influencing and setting standards. Connecting through photographs, captions and videos can create a wave of fashion within a matter of days. Thus, youth has, is and will always play a pivotal role in the world of fashion.

Youth can have a tremendous career in fashion designing field. But before joining fashion industry they have to prepare themselves according to this industry which can be done by joining fashion designing courses at some reputed fashion institute or college just like Indian Institute of Fashion and Design – IIFD Chandigarh.

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