Difference Between Modeling and Fashion Designing

It may be a pinch of blend of these two …..but just a tiny pinch … a myth one needs to understand is to be a model for learning fashion designing … answer is no … just no ?

These two sound similar yet, so much their as a difference between the two, you will have to come up for breath, or may be not … modeling all together is immensely a different subject or passion than to fashion designing.

Fashion Modeling Vs Fashion Designing

Let’s make it amply clear –

Both as careers are full of enthusiasm and ambition .somewhere down to the line, both are the plays being down and up of your experience and skill sets but both absorb you. A great contrast to the both is carried. A curated selection of boundaries pushes both the aspects of modeling and fashion designing in all together a different box

Different physical elements –

Addressing in field of glamour, these two fields modeling and fashion designing are highly misunderstood with their purpose and identity. They are both responsible in their o0wn context in which the work exists. There are so many attempts in the fields, often failing, and succeeding too with their own kind of dedicated vision. We need to think this system of works of both in a very fundamental way. Which of the either interests you more, is, after all , prompts you to pick from  the two .

Behind the scenes –

However, no model has a face to go for without a fashion designer and likewise no fashion designer without a model can really reel his work of design, giving a strong sense of identity through the appearances and specific design elements. The functionality of both, is , all about light, camera and action …… fashion designer designing anything , ultimately places on a model for his better functionality …. Isn’t that right …..

Well-versed foundations –

Resultantly, both are masses of concrete volumes of their industry individually. Each field comes with its own quirks.

For modeling, one can join agencies who take for shoots and prepare you for getting out of all the inhibitions, the body language with a salt of attitude rightly to carry, fitness, body proportions, confidence and focus on top.


For fashion designing, one has to take over the learning under expertise at the institutions offering splendid knowledge about this art from imagination, sketching on papers and then software, technicality of fabrics to accessories, usage on practical note , hands – on experience of designing patterns . As theory and practical would go parallel.

The work behind –

Many a time’s people are misunderstood ….

Visualize the work of a model, as getting all dressed up, walking the ramp for a designer to represent his collection ……. A fashion designer has to all the way have to focus on his designs doing justice to his creations …..

Stages are walked by both –

No matter what … a model carries a story of a designer on the ramp while he/she walks the trend been designed. A model with no sense of a fashion designer is good to walk.

Artistry in their own way is complimented by model and a fashion designer with fine eye.

While designer is into getting raw into finished product – the model is carrying it.

Fashion designer creates – the model performs

Model is with attitude –fashion designer is with aptitude.

Fashion designing has to be technically aided – model just needs the confidence

Models ought to be beautiful – fashion designer creates beautiful things.

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